Doji Haruki

Aspiring Doji minor lord


A doji of average size, he is gaunt and composes himself in a very obvious forced seriousness. Aspiration is plain in his eyes, for any to see, and his words do little to hide it, with his high self-praise, less the subtle innuendo towards patrons in the imperial court, and attempts to foster ties and support from any with a shred of clout to their name. He is however, a generous host, and will do anything within his means to make his guests comfortable and well served, though it is again plain to see that this is the acts of a desperate man, trying to curry favor and further his own position.


The Govenor of the villiage of Tochigi and its surrounding territories, Haruki is the descendant of a long line of dutiful, honorable, and competent lords. Sadly, while his ancestors have been good and dutiful samurai in the service of their lords, much as he has, none have ever drawn much thought or attention, and so promotion has been something that has elluded Haruki and his ancestors, something he very obviously seems to wish to amend.

Doji Haruki

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