Of Rice and Men

Rumors of the Season
Things you would have heard, on your way to the harvest festival

Major Rumors of the Season:

- The Mantis Clan rumored to be recognizing the adopted Gaijin, Yoritomo Singh with his own family name, and will be taking in members of the Kshatriya warrior cast from the now defunct Ivory Kingdoms (E.G. The Colonies). These Kshatriya will be swearing fealty to Singh and his family, and being raised to the ranks of Ji-Samuria, and has caused no end of upset amongst the more traditionalist clans of the empire.

- Hoshiri’s Legion (a large ronin army), will be marching to the Lion lands to winter, and possibly be swearing fealty to the clan and its lords.

- Moto Noleash and the Mirumoto heir, Mirumoto Shikei are rumored to be married, come spring.

- There is serious political action being taken by all the great clans, to try and court the two eldest imperial heir’s to the Iweko Dynasty, as both are now of eligible age. The Crane in particular, are lobbying hard for the privilege of marrying into the Imperial line.

- Cane and Lion are rumored to possibly have boarder conflicts come spring as negotations and trade have slowly broken down after the destroyer war. Otomo are likely going to be sent to mediate the situation come spring.

Lessor Rumors of the Season:

- Bayushi Nitoshi (the Scorpion Clan Champion), has turned down another Doji Bride offer, earning significant ire from the Crane.

- Bandit Attacks in the Ki-Rin path have become more frequent, according to certain Unicorn Sources.

- The Crab will be hosting a 20-Goblin Winter.

- Shosuro Megumi, a lauded prodigy of the clan, currently serving as a yojimbo for the senior members of the Scorpion clan, is possibly being groomed to compete for the position of Emerald Magistrate, or even perhaps, one of the Jeweled Championships.

- Rumors are, the Phoenix may be abstaining for Imperial Winter Court this season.

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