House Rules

1. Character rounding: A character can not have more ranks in a core school skill (as listed in their respective books for that skill), then they have total ranks in mundane “character rounding” skills.

Ex: Billy Bushi has Kenjutsu 4, and wants to buy it up to 5. To do so, he needs 5 ranks (total)in non-school skills, so for example he might have Game:Shogi 2, Lore:History 2, and Craft:Ichibana 1. This gives him 5 total ranks in not school skills, so in turn he can buy his school skills up to 5, and if he wanted to later buy up to 6, he would have to purchase a new or additional rank in a non-school skill.

2. All characters get a free rank in Lore of their respective clan at character creation, for free. If your school already gives you that lore, you may instead purchase another lore of your choice.

3. Dice re-rolled using an emphasis do not explode (this thematically represents that emphasis allow a trained samurai to salvage a bad situation, not turn a bad roll into a stunning success).

4. Strength of Honor rolls will be used, though any and all conditional modifiers played upon the original roll, apply to the Strength of Honor roll as well.

5. Honor or Luck: Any advantage, skill, item, or school training that allows a player to re-roll a failed check (such as the Luck advantage or the Bitter Lies School benefit), if used, deny the character the option of Strength of Honor roll, and vise versa. You can never use both on the same roll or skill check.

6. Counter-spelling rules from the book of fire, Mage duels from book of fire, and the Archery called shots and raise rules from book of air are in use.

7. The Sparrow Minor Clan is part of the Spider. The family name and school are treated as base school available to the spider.

8. The Horiuchi Family is not available for play, as the name and family are near dead, during this period.

House Rules

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