Rokugan in the Age of Exploration

It has been a short year since the War of the Twins ended with an ascendant Scorpion Clan over their enemies, the Phoenix. This has given great claim and clout to the Scorpion Clan and its allies in the Crab, while the Phoenix and their allies amongst the Crane and Dragon have felt themselves marginalized in the past year.

Now it is the late fall of 1194, and the last of the harvests are bring brought in, packaged, stored, or sent to lords in preparation of the winter ahead. Hearts of many a samurai is light though, with the proclamation of the Fall Harvest Festival, to be hosted by the influential and rising star of the Imperial Families, Seppun Ayumu, the grandchild of Seppun Daiori, the famed Seppun Daimyo, and hero of the Scorpion Clan Coup who laid down his life in service to the Emperor and Empire when defending the Crane Embassy from its invaders.

His famed ancestry, benevolence, and grace in the courts as made Seppun Ayumu many friends in the various courts, and with his fame behinds this Harvest Festival, common rumor and gossip feels that this will end up being the social event of the season. Rumor has it Ayumu will hosting the festival for over a week, which will include a contest of Bushido, a Noh performance by Shosuro Rin (a famed actress), a debute play by the Kakita playwright, Kakita Satoshi, about the famed Lion Hero, Ikoma Ayumu, and may other entertainments and festivities to be sure.

The Festival is to take place in one of the Hub Villages west of Sea Watch Castle (Mushi moko), and the turnout is expected to be great, with Samurai of every clan, great and small, to be in attendance, along with, if gossip is to be believed, Gaijin diplomats from the burning sands.

Alas, in your journey to reach the festival, you still have several days travel ahead of you, and having taken the Hospitality of a minor crane lord, Doji Haruki for the evening, be by choice, business, or happenstance that you find yourself under his roof.