Shosuro Megumi

Scorpion Prodigy Duelist


A (formerly) famed beauty of the Scorpion variety, Megumi offset her appearance with a demonic mask, to intimidate and unsettle her political enemies, a tactic she is well know for using against many in the courts and those she has to defend in duels.


One of the more famed agents of the Scorpion clan at present, Megumi is a famed duelist and yojimbo, being passed around the senior courts of the Empire. She is being fostered and obviously groomed for higher position, while also serving as a spearhead movement by the Scorpion clan to create breathing room between themselves and the Crane clan during their time of weakness, to hopefully secure ascendancy. She is known to be a member of the Scorpion dueling order, refered to as Saigo’s Blades.

Shosuro Megumi

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