Common TN Roles and skill checks to know

Lore : Iaijutsu
5 : Identify a dueling style or School (e.g. Kakita, Mirumoto, or Disciples of Sun Tao)
10: Identify a great clan dueling tradition (meaning you can identify the clan someone trained with by the stance they take when dueling)
15: Identify a minor clan / ronin dueling tradition
20: Identify a great clan dueling school/dojo (you can tell what school or particular dojo a person was trained at, noticing minor variations in style and training, between various dojo nuances between a particular school).
25: Identify Alternate path dueling Style (e.g. Saigo’s Blades, Ide Duelist, etc).
30: Identify rare, dueling paths/schools/styles (e.g. Kenburo’s Way)

Lore: Heraldry

0: Identify your clan mon
5: Identify Great clan mons or your clan’s family mons
10: Identify the Imperial mon
15: Identify Great Clan Family mons, Imperial Family mons, or your clan school mons
20: Identify minor clan or family mons, or Great Clan School mons
25: minor clan school or lost clan mons
30: obscure and lost to history mons

Lore: Bushido
30: Identify someone’s apparent honor rank

Courtier (Gossip)
10: Popular gossip and rumors in the empire
15: City Gossip
20: Relevant gossip and rumors to the local court (or similar body).
25: Hints of secrets, unusual activity, and scandal
30: rumors of scandal and secrets regarding major court figures

Lore: Law
10: Know common imperial law and recent edicts
15: Know common law of your clan
20: Know common law of the great clans
25: Intimate knowledge of Imperial law and that of your clan
30: Intimate knowledge of other great clan law, and access to obscure aspects of imperial and clan law.

Common TN Roles and skill checks to know

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