Rumors of the Season II

Major Rumors
- Rumor has it that that Seppun Ayumu recently has lost a vassal in his service, due to their criminal activity. Some say that the vassal was executed for blaspheming against the kami and heinous acts.

- No No… The Vassal died in an Illegal duel, fighting for his true love.

- No, I heard the Vassal was a Samurai-ko, who committed some base treachery.

- There will be a Noh performance by Shosuro Rin, a famous scorpion actor from the colonies.

- Rumor has it that there might be a Crab ‘play of lots’ at the gathering.

- A Debute play by Kakita Satoshi, in his retelling of of the famed story of Matsu Uji.

- There will be a Hanabi (firework) display for the festival, complements of the Phoenix clan.

- Rumor has it that both the Mantis and Unicorn, along with the native Daidoji family will be bringing out all sorts of novelties and exotic goods for sale and trade during the festival.

Lesser Rumors

- Rumor has it that a young courtier from the Unicorn is available for marriage, and that she has family ties to important members of the clan…Someone said it was the Emerald Champion.

- No No, she is in line to inherit lands, so if you married her, that would make you a daimyo too, right?

- One of the Scorpion’s rising dueling prodigies will be at the fall festival.

- The test of Sincerity will be a game of Sadane (Game of insults).

- The test of Compassion will be a game of gifts.

- The test of Courtesy will be a done in Duel’s of Haiku.

- The test of Duty will be contests of martial and physical prowess.

- The test of Honesty will be a Storytelling contest.

- The Test of Honor will a contest of Courtier/Etiquette/Lore:Bushio.

- The Test of Courage will be ‘Facing the Dragon’.

- The rumor is that the Grand Champion will be decided by an Iaijutsu duel.

Rumors of the Season II

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